3rd Grade Links

Links to websites used at school or for homework for 3rd graders.

Online Research
Kids Infobits | Worldbook Kids Online

All About Birds (from Cornell Lab of Ornithology)
Audubon Bird Profiles Page
Owl Dissection Activity
Variety of Interactivities for Bird Study
Games and Activities for Bird Study
Bird Feet Activities

Canadian Museum of Nature - Bird Interactives

Forces and Motion
Forces at the Fun Fair
Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

The Northern Forest
What Tree Is It?

Google Maps
Continents Map Puzzle
Landfords and Bodies of Water: Picture Glossary
World Continents & Oceans Game
World Features Map Puzzle
World Quiz Game

Rivers of the United States
Rivers Game

National Geographic GeoGames* (new)

Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude Multiple Choice
Latitude and Longitude Treasure Hunt
Latitude and Longitude City Hunt
Latitude and Longitude Globe
Latitude and Longitude Pizza Delivery


World Geography
Facts about the continents (ThinkQuest)

Data Grapher
Library of Virtual Manipulatives
3-D Shapes
Unfolding a Block (Space Blocks - click > to go to Unfolding a Block)
Math Investigations Games

A+ Math Games
Red Remover
*(new) Time Games

Native Americans
Native American Myth Response

American Indians and the Natural World (Carnegie Museum of Natural History)
Native American Shelters (Minnesota State University)
Native American Cultures
National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian)

Oregon Trail
1843 Map

Skeleton Game - click on Skeleton Game (BBC)

Skeletal System
ABCya! Label the Bones - Skeletal System








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