5th Grade Links

Links to websites used at school or for homework for 5th graders.

Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece (from Mr. Donn)
Ancient Greece for Kids (from historyforkids.org)
Ancient Greece (from socialstudiesforkids.com)
Who were the ancient Greeks? (British elementary school website))
Ancient Greece (from bbc.co.uk)
Ancient Greece (from the British Museum)
Who were the ancient Greeks?

Building Big: Bridges (from PBS)

US Government Games

The Real Deal on the Digestive System (from kidshealth.org)
Your Digestive System (yucky.kids.discovery.com)
How Digestion Works (Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago)
The Digestive Journey (Utah Education Network)
Human Anatomy Online (http://www.innerbody.com)

Games - National Park Service
Google Maps

U. S. Geography Games
World Almanac for Kids - The 50 States

Math Sites
Math Investigations Games
Virtual Manipulatives
Shodor Interactivate

Middle Ages
Feudal Life (learner.org from Annenberg Media)
Enter the Middle Ages (emuseum at Minnesota State University)
Medieval Times (mrdonn.org)


All Along a River (a Thinkquest website about rivers)
National Geographic Rivers









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